Monday, September 12, 2011

Miss Universe

I have to admit I used to love watching beauty pageants.  It has been a long time since I've watched one though. As I was sitting down to check my email, and write my post, I turned on the TV for background noise, and the Miss Universe pageant was on.  I watched the evening gown competition, because, well, obviously, what girl doesn't love a gorgeous dress?  (Okay, some of them were lacking... here and there).    Then they narrowed the top ten down to five finalists, who were then asked a question by one of the judges.  I decided to share this with you mainly to tell you about Miss Philippine's question and answer (for this alone, she would have my vote).

She was asked if she would change her religion to marry the one she loved, why, and/or why not?  This was basically her answer: (Loose translation) "No, I would not change my religion to marry the one that I love. God is the one I love first, and if someone loved me for who I am they would love my God, too!"

If everyone else in the house wasn't in bed already, I think I might have shouted, "You go girl!"

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