Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Death of a Dream

Last night kicked off the new season of American Idol. You may hate the show or love it, but if you are like so many people, you watched it! My children and I did (hubby peaked in occasionally) and as usual found ourselves immersed in witnessing some people's dreams dashed to the floor while others got a burst of wind under their wings to allow their's to live another day.

After the show was over and everyone went to bed, I found myself restless, needing to write in my journal. The subject: dreams.

My own dream of one day being a singer, has died a thousand deaths. I have asked myself every question imagineable. Why do some people achieve their dreams so easily while others struggle? Should this even be my dream? Am I too old to still have this kind of dream? If there is a question to ask about my personal dreams, I'm pretty sure I have asked it. More than once. The problem is there are so many possible answers to each question. Our mood, the weather, other circumstances can cloud the answer on any given day. Separating fact from fiction, truth from lies, can take some serious concentration and lest we forget, much prayer. Laying it all before the throne is the best way to pursue any dream. So, I continue to wait. My dream may or may not be fulfilled this side of glory. However, the One who holds my dreams is also the One who molds them. So, if it is truly a dream that God has birthed in my heart, I will leave the details and fulfillment to Him. Easily said, but not always so easily done.