Saturday, July 28, 2012

Our "Princess" Celebrates Her 12th Birthday!

Our middle girl turns twelve today!  Sarah is our animal-loving, ukulele playing, songwriting, art-loving, sweetheart of a girl.  We are crazy about her, and so thankful she's ours!

When Sarah arrived, she was our "biggest" baby at weigh in, and sported the most hair, as well as the darkest!  She was also our first climbing, escape artist!  She didn't really want to sit in a high chair or stroller, she wanted to stand or climb out!  However, she was also the quiet one, who was rarely seen without her "ga ga" (pacifier)!

Here's a video from around the time she was about three years old.  The stars of the video are Sarah and her big sis, Meredith.  I love the little outfit Sarah is wearing, and her sweet little voice..."All wight...  All wight"!
(Ignore the goofy camera lady who screams at the beginning of the video to answer a question in the distance)!

 Sarah, Happy Birthday, beautiful daughter!  We love you very much!  We hope you enjoy your day!  You certainly make our days richer and brighter!

Thank you, God, for the blessing of four fantastic gifts you've given us!  Today, we especially celebrate, Sarah Lynelle Ferenczy!  Our lovely "princess".