Meet the Family

Bill, is my husband and best friend!  He is talented, compassionate, funny, and he can find a bargain like no one else I know.  Not to mention, I find him extremely attractive (insert here our girls going "ewww").  I have often referred to him as the "Pied Piper", because animals and children love him.  He is a man of many projects, and I am so proud of all that he accomplishes.  The simple fact that he is my husband is a reminder of God's love for me.  Oklahoma girl meets New York boy in Colorado, and the rest as they say is...history.

Josiah, is our only son, and the firstborn of four children.  He is a bright, talented, and (dare I say), handsome young man.  He has the uncanny ability to make me smile even when I'm mad at him!  In other words, he's a charmer (like his father).  I call him my social butterfly, because from the day he was born he has been drawn to people. He loves to be in-the- thick of whatever is going on.  He enjoys music, sports, comedians, and has an artistic soul.  It is this creative part of him that can also enjoy the quiet of solitude.  I love to hear him sing, and he's a natural performer!  It is hard for me to believe that he is now a High School graduate, and in pursuit of his dream... becoming a professional musician!

Meredith, is our firstborn daughter.  She is a beautiful young lady, and a songbird.  She reminds me of myself (my mom, and mother-in-law), because there is always a song on her tongue!  She enjoys writing songs, skits, stories and poems.  She also likes to bake and decorate cakes.  She's a take charge type of girl, which occasionally gets her into trouble, but I admire her tenacity.  She is a devoted friend, and won't put up with things she sees as unfair.  We call her Merry or Mer.  She is growing up so fast.  She too is pursuing her dream of singing and songwriting!

Sarah, is our second girl, and probably the most quiet.  That doesn't mean she can't be loud, just that it's not as often as her siblings!   She is also a beautiful, creative, and talented young lady.  She enjoys reading, writing (she's been working on a historical fiction novel), drawing, painting, and singing.  She has a great love for animals, and is very attentive to their needs.  When I was pregnant with our fourth child, I broke my leg, and Sarah, was my little "nurse".  She loves to have one on one conversations and works hard to do her best.  She has a head full of curly hair, just like her mom.  Boy does she have her work cut out for her!  Sarah is starting her first year in High School.  How is that possible?

Emma, is our "baby"!  The only one of the kids to keep her blonde hair, we like to tease her, and tell her blonde jokes!  She likes to act like she doesn't get them!  Actually, she is very smart, and has a quick wit!  Like her siblings, she has a beautiful voice, and a creative bent.  If she's not with her sisters, she's probably with her dad.  She has been his sidekick for many a project.  She's a serious snuggler.  She will graciously rub my shoulder for me whenever I ask!  She makes us smile!  She's the last one to still be home for school (her choice),  and I am thankful to still have her here!  I think I'd be lonely without her!  That rounds us out, except for the dog, cats, chickens, ducks, and fish; but I'm not going to go into details on them.... you're welcome!  Thanks for stopping by!