Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Compassionate Messiah

We have been homeschooling our children for the past two years. Choosing to do so was a step my husband and I took out of obedience to God's prompting. It is not something we believe everyone is suppose to do. So, this is not some kind of plug for homeshcooling as much as it is a story about our Good Shepherd.

Just before school started that first year, my sister-in-law Sue, gave me a gift to hang on my wall. It is an antique looking needlepoint that simply says, "The Lord is my Shepherd." She hoped it would be an encouragement to me as I tried to shepherd my children at home (thank you again, Sue). It is a gentle reminder that the Lord is ultimately, the One doing the Shepherding. As I submit myself to His leadership, I become a better leader.

Yesterday, this simple phrase took on a whole new meaning to me. I was cleaning out last years school books, to make room for the new ones. I picked up my sons Creative Writing book and was flipping through the pages and ran across a picture very similar to the one I posted here. Beside it was an assignment, "Writing about an Emotion." The directions were to look at the picture, write down the feelings and thoughts that the picture brings to your mind and then write a paragraph or poem in your journal. The following is what my 12 year-old son wrote:

Jesus holding a lamb in his arms. The Compassionate Messiah

What I think of when I look at this picture is a peaceful man who cares about others first. I think of love and compassion. It is a picture of caring arms holding a spotless lamb. The lamb looks like it's full of joy and happiness. There is tenderness in the grasp of the man that nothing else can compare to. This Good Shepherd is God, the maker of this universe. He looks out and cares for people, even if they were murderers.
- Josiah Ferenczy

Enough said.


Maria said...

Just read your comment on my post about the "dream job." First and foremost, let me offer my heartfelt prayers and concerns both for you and your family and the burden you are carrying. I can fully understand. I just nursed my father through the valley of the shadow of his death (aggressive cancer). He just passed nov 08 and Im still grieving the tremendous loss.
I hear you on the deep cost of assisted living facilities and wish there was some way to increase the quality of care while making it available to everyone?! Im probably dreaming again. I hope and pray that you do not carry guilt and pray you rest in knowing that you are loving and caring for your parents to the best of your ability along with your own easy task.
Im praying for you,
your sister in Christ,
maria said...

Jeanine: Now you know how worth-it it is to send them to school upstairs, rather than down the road. What a blessing to you and your children to have permission from God and Bill to train them at home with the help of Abeka! Pastor Stan said on Sunday that it was the parents who destroyed the third generation of Israelites in Judges 1. All it takes is to neglect to talk about Him and teach about His wonders. SO, public school, society, etc are not at fault if the children we raise turn to godlessness. Ouch.